PT Aozora Agung Perkasa as member of Aozora International, LLC and as a part of Distribution / Sales and Services of Pure Aqua Inc, which is a leading manufacturer of water treatment systems and a licensed American OEM of many complimentary water treatment components and wholesale distributor of water treatment components and spare parts. Pure Aqua, Inc. activities range from small bracket mounted water treatment systems to millions of gallons per day custom built plants.

Pure Aqua, Inc. as a principal of PT Aozora Agung Perkasa has a wide range of experience in the designing, manufacturing, installation, testing & commissioning, operation and maintenance of different types of water treatment plants in the globe.

PT Aozora Agung Perkasa product line:

  • Brackish and Sea Water Reverse Osmosis Systems: from 50GPD to 10, 000, 000GPD
  • Automatic Water Softeners: using Fleck, Autotrol, Aquamatic, or electrical actuated butterfly valves.
  • Automatic or Manual Media Filters: multi-layer, GAC, sand, green sand, birm, AG..., etc. FRP, or 316 stainless steel tanks
  • Cartridge Filters: and all types of cartridge elements with variety of length and micron rates, wound, spun, cotton, polypropylene, iron removal, softening or mixed bed DI resin, antiscalant.
  • Automatic Deionizers: FRP or rubber lined steel, two bed or mixed bed
  • Electrodeionization systems: to achieve high purity water of 18.6 mega ohm
  • Sewage Treatment: packaged or custom concrete tanks design
  • Industrial Waste Water Treatment Plants: Textile, Slaughter Houses, Painting process, Dairy, Food Processing… etc, using different technologies, extended aeration, MBR, SBR, RBC, DAF… etc.
  • Odor Control Systems: Chemical and Biological
  • Chemical Dosing Systems: for pH neutralization, chlorination, antiscalant, polymers, dechlorination..etc.
  • Chlorination Systems and Scrubbers
  • UV sterilizers
  • Ozonation

Other Products Offered by PT Aozora Agung Perkasa :

  • Membranes: Filmtec, Hydranautics, Toray, Koch and Trisep
  • Pressure Vessels: Codeline and Protec
  • Flow Meters: GF Signet, Blue & White and Other Brands
  • Instruments: Hach, Hanna, Thornton and Myron L.
  • Dosing Pumps: Pulsafeeder, Grundfos and LMI
  • Valves: Aquamatic, Bray and others
  • R.O. Chemicals: Antiscalant and Cleaners
  • Filtration Media and Resin: GAC, Birm, Sand, Anthracite, Calcite, Green Sand, ProSand, Cation and Anion Resin

Pure Aqua, Inc. has supplied a lot of prestigious reverse osmosis units in the USA, Canada, South America, Africa, Far and Middle East regions.