Research and Development

BioDiesel Ultra Sonic

Consumption of fuel oil, nationally, is increasing each year. On the opposite, the production of domestic petroleum is decreasing. This increasingly opens the chances of the utilization of renewable energy such as biodiesel, biogas and many others, to lower the import and of the encouragement of the utilization of alternative energy employing any potential that are not yet used. Mr. Agung Sri Hendrarsa, M.Eng (Chem E) stated this in the radio program of State Minister for Research and Technology, IPTEK VOICE, broadcasted by Bahana 101.8 FM, Tuesday, 8 December 2009 at 08.00-08.45.

Mr. Agung explained that ultrasonic biodiesel or ultra-frequency of audio technology as diesel reactor is already known - though domestically, it is still in the level of research. The originality of the creation proposed by Agung in Festival Pemuda Berprestasi 2009 was that he mixed the technique which replaces the conventional role of flow cell mixer reactor with the efficiency of other part in the production process of biodiesel. This research studies the making process of biodiesel employing the ultrasonic technology in laboratory scale. Generally, biodiesel is diesel fuel made from renewable materials, or specifically, it is diesel fuel consists of ester alkyl from fatty acids. Biodiesel can be created from vegetable oil, animal fats, or used frying oil, or recycled oil. The proposal which he offered also designs one biodiesel industry which is able to produce up to 30 liter per year - the smallest scale of production in a categorically big industry. He also lists the count results that by using ultrasonic technology, the total expenses of Rp 19 billions will return in 21 months.

Mr. Agung also explained that recently, the making process of biodiesel has not been optimal because the duration of the reaction to produce the biodiesel is still time-consuming so that the number of the biodiesel produced per unit time is not yet optimal. Besides, it needs material quality, in this case vegetable oil with low fatty acids in order that the cost for the material becomes high. Thus, it needs some innovations in the technology of the biodiesel production that can process vegetable oil of low quality. The production of biodiesel per unit time can be improved by the existing process by reducing the duration of the biodiesel reaction.